Economy & Jobs

We are fortunate to live in Nashville, which is brimming with creative people and opportunity.  We need to keep our economy strong and continue to invest in projects that create opportunities for everyone.  Infrastructure is key to Nashville – and America’s --  future.  While Congress has been unable to agree on a long-term solution to properly fund our bridges and highways – many of which are in dire need of repair – Jim supports and has voted for funding of our critical infrastructure.


Jim has been called “Mr. Fiscal Responsibility,” and believes that taming the deficit is the single most important issue facing America.  As a leader of the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition, Jim pushes his colleagues to face up to the federal government’s long-term budget crisis.  Offering and generating support for his own bipartisan budget, Jim has been called “brave” by USA Today, for taking on the tough choices that lay ahead.  And when Congress still refuses to deal with our fiscal challenges, Jim thinks they should not get paid!  His bill “No Budget No Pay” became the law of the land in 2013, and he will keep pushing for a permanent law.


Jim teaches health policy at Vanderbilt, and voted for President Obama’s health care law.  He believes that all Tennesseans should have the same access to health coverage that he and his family have.  Governor Haslam has refused to implement a key part of the law that would further cover over 120,000 Tennesseans, and hospitals in Tennessee now face closure.  The U.S Supreme court has upheld the health care law, and Jim continues to ask:  “Morally, is it right to oppose Tennesseans having access to life-saving medical care?”  He has also introduced the “Research for All Act”, which would ensure that both sexes are included in basic medical research.

Defense & Veterans

Respected for his knowledge and objectivity, Jim is regarded as a “defense intellectual” in Congress.  The only member of the Armed Services Committee from Tennessee, Jim works to support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Now that our troops are coming home, we are obligated to give them the highest level of support in repayment for their service to our country.  Jim helps veterans get the benefits they deserve.  He was one of the first in Congress to call for an investigation of long waiting lists and rogue employees at veteran’s hospitals. 

Civil Rights

Jim believes that our cherished rights as Americans are for everyone.  Voting rights, marriage equality, and the rights of women to make their own health decisions are among the issues that are key to progress in our state and our country.